Death, You startle me
12:42 PM | Author: Sherry Italia
Death, You startle me
As thousand suns, ignite the dark
As raging seas swallow the fiery sphere
As the shroud of ebony caresses the mourning sky

Death, You startle me
As mystical fairies disappear from the woods
As blood drips from the lifeless eyes of a portrait
As flesh and blood mellows down to dust

Death, You startle me
As you talk of million afterlives
As you lead me through the darkest of trances
As you lure me to know you more than life itself

Death, You startle me
As your entities haunt my myriad dreams
As your snare traps those near and around
As you carry them to a land unknown

Death, You startle me
As you track me through the depths and heights
As you claim I can’t escape you
As you know I’ll be yours one day
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