The Falling leaf
4:45 PM | Author: Sherry Italia
On balanced wing and blissful chariot,
Descending through eternity.
An emerald borne in mundane worlds,
Traversing fantasy, not reality.

Wandering in lonely, forlorn comfort,
Cradled in the arms of zephyr.
No whispers to brighten brooding silences,
Neither roaring thoughts of desire.

An enigmatic journey in parallel dimension,
Banking on to a reckless flight.
Exploring through the palace of void,
Swooping in perpetual delight.

The sudden end to her mystical twists,
A cautious step on the cold shore.
The blade of green bounty resting in peace,
Never to traverse, nay explore.

*inspired as I saw a green leaf blade fall through an empty space (for an assignment)
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